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Kidnap, please, oh Lord, the fiery and sweet force of your love, my mind from all the things
which are under heaven, because I die for love
of love thy, as you deigned die for love of my love.

(San Francesco)



"Oh Holy and Mystical Umbria! In Your intense mysticism for many oases of peace, invite us to a vision of spiritual freedom and less influenced by technical progress, closer to Your natural beauty. Under the old barbarism, took refuge in You settlers and hermits. Even today, if we could, escape the hypocrisy of conformity and the barbarity of technicality, to find ourselves. Smile often, looking at the ruins of the castles, thinking of the unnecessary discord from medieval Guelphs and Ghibellines. We do not let laugh the posterity of our ever childish rivalry. Echo resounds in Your beautiful Valley: "Blessed are the peacemakers" with oneself, with God and with mens. It's the voice of the ancient Umbrian, Etruscan, the Sabines. At these ascetery, that made you holy, together with Italy, back to prayer, peace, poetry".

(Ansano Fabbi)

Agriturismo Casale il Picchio



Umbria, land of saints.
St. Francesco d'Assisi, patron of Italy, and St. Benedetto da Norcia, patron of Europe, two important saints, both born and lived in a small strip of Umbria...
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Preggio and the Holy Thorn.
S. Francis, to reach the mountain of La Verna, where he received the stigmata, two years before his death, passed from Preggio...
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San Francesco and the Porziuncola
The small church of the Porziuncola was the reference point throughout the life of Francis and his fraternity. When the saint came here in early 1200....
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Santa Cecilia da Montelovesco (Gubbio)
A hermit who lived in the thirteenth century between Gubbio and Umbertide, relied on for centuries to get the fertility of women and the health of babies to all childhood.
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