Activities around Casale Il Picchio


At Il Picchio you can also do something unusual.

Go to the woods in search of home-grown delicacies such as mushrooms, truffles and asparagus; guided rides along the enduro paths, pick olives or learn more about the world of wine!



Guided tours

You are welcome to visit our winery and vineyards. If you're interested in learning more about the fascinating world of wine and vineyards, you can visit the winery or take a guided walk through the vineyards... read more

Join the olive harvest

The autumn months are the most extraordinary that there can be as the colours and the light merge in to a harmonious view that fills the eyes and heart. Being surrounded by so much nature helps to restore your lives. The hills and olive trees are waiting for you..


I love Enduro

Are you an Enduro rider? Come and ride in Umbria! There are hundreds of miles of dirt roads, mule tracks and stony paths to test your skills!
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Come in search of asparagus, mushrooms and truffles!

If you like to walk the woods then this is the place for you... because you go searching with Danilo for asparagus (in April and May) and mushrooms (June and September). Alternatively what about the truffles that are here from May to July, with the help of our dogs, Lola and Pedro, you can join in this wonderful time when the earth opens up to give us its rare and delicious fruit!